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We are a Hong Kong based trading company established in the year 2008, actively involved in trading of white goods, small appliances, consumer products and spare parts. We have a sincere commitment to everything we do, which has always been the spirit that has led our group from the beginning. In today's extremely competitive world it has become a basic requirement to provide the best quality and best service at the most competitive price. We always believe that the customer has better knowledge as ourselves and we try and understand their requirement. JFA achieves this by buying directly from manufacturers and supplies from Asia and America to the end users, and distributors in various countries. With the rich 30 years of experiences of R&D, Technology, Manufacturing, Quality, Sourcing, Marketing, Sales and International Trading in the appliance industry, JFA Trading has helped to meet and satisfy the procurement needs of the customers.
  Brands: OEM or “Siere” brand  
  The values we embrace:  
  Conducting business with Integrity.  
  Accountability for our actions.  
  Providing products of the highest Quality.  
  Always maintain Competitive price.  

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