Handpon Indonesia 35 menit (20:00~22:00)
Other Time: 25 menit
Telepon Rumah Seluruh Indonesia 42 menit
Singapore 51 menit
China 100 menit
S.Korea 100 menit
Handphone 39 menit
Malaysia 51 menit
Brunei 20 menit
Taiwan 100 menit
Handphone 33 menit
Brunei 20 mins
China 100 mins
India 14 mins
Canada 100 mins
Japan 61 mins
Handphone 13 mins
Thailand 29 mins
Qatar 8 mins
USA 100 mins
  ^The promotion till further notice and all the right reserved by MASS Telecom Ltd.
  * The minutes listed above are for demonstration purpose only. It is based on one-time consumption of HK $20 Card. Total call charge will be rounded up to the nearest minute and dollar. Connection charge may apply. All rate and connection charge are subject to change without prior notice. Please contact ourhotline for the latest rates and charges before you purchase the card Hotline:
2116 2630

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